Tales Of Classic Concerts That Never Happened For Popular Alternative Bands I’ve Never Listened To: Vol. 2

April 19, 1997 - Sleater-Kinney, Foggy Bottom Theater in Washington DC

Fucking rad show. Sleater took the stage first, he came out and was like “What’s up, nation’s capitol?” Kinney came out a second later and got behind the drums. They went right into a cover of The Stooges “Penetration”. The energy was amazing. But then it got even crazier when Ian MacKaye from Fugazi came out and sat in with them on a few songs! They did School Daze, Girl I Want Ur Sex, and Jokin’ in the Boys Room together. Classic. After the show, I gave one of their roadies a hit from my joint and he gave me one of Kinney’s arm bands! It still to this day smells like his sweat. Totally awesome show. 

July 23, 2008 - Wolf Parade, Tim’s Big Boy Bar in Buffalo, New York

I never thought I’d get to see these guys live. But man was it worth the wait. When they brought those wolves out and paraded them across the stage, it was one of the coolest concert experiences of my life.