Tales Of Classic Concerts That Never Happened For Popular Alternative Bands I’ve Never Listened To: Vol. 1

February 27, 1991 - Mudhoney at Fraggle’s Music Box in Boise, Idaho

Fucking amazing show. Mudhoney came out and was all “What’s up, Boise? I’m Mudhoney and these are my songs.” Then Mudhoney played all his best tunes: Eating Crackers with Grandma, Going to a Store, Rock and Roll Will Never Back Down, Piledrivin’, I Am What I Eat So Go Ahead and Call Me a Pussy, and Why is There War? After the show, I went backstage and totally hung out with Mudhoney. He was really awesome. He signed my limited edition copy of his first album “Hey I’m Mudhoney”. Then we went to the bar at his hotel and did shots of tequila until 2 AM. I was so messed up. He picked up the tab and I was like “Thanks, Mudhoney,” and he was like “Call me Jeff.” Great night.

March 13, 1995 -Archers of Loaf at The Furnace in Austin, Texas

Man, these guys were great. The guitars were loud and the vocals crisp. All three to six of these guys are top notch musicians. The fact that they played a show just two months after a bus accident caused severe injuries to all of their hands and vocal cords was really kind of inspiring. And as soon as they hit the opening chords of We Are the Children of Moon Mountain, the acid I’d dropped in the bathroom that I bought of a guy in a snakeskin full body condom kicked in and it set off some wild psychedelic experiences. After the show I was going to hang with the band and the fine black chicks they had singing backing vocals, but the trip went sour and next thing I knew I was at the Texas capitol building bloodying my fists on a statue of Daniel Boone. Wild times, man.